Food In The Land Down Under

Melbourne’s beauty escapes no visitor to the wondrous coastal capital city of Victoria. Whether it be the Royal Botanic Gardens captivating your sense of sight or the infamous MCG, fueling your passion for the game of cricket or even the various eateries that offer eclectic cuisine from across the globe, tantalizing your taste buds; this city will leave you awe-struck and wanting more. Metaphorically speaking, if Melbourne were a hand at a game of poker you wouldn’t hesitate to take a gamble and go all in.

If you’re in town and in want of something exciting to do look no further than Melbourne’s eateries that ever so evidently portray the cities love for food. Here’s a look at what you’ll find and how to find them.

Where to go and how to get there

Whether or not you’re a connoisseur of foods, you will be swayed and seduced by the local cafés, culture intrinsic food trucks, pubs and waterfront restaurants in Melbourne which are in close proximity to one another. Another exciting aspect of this coastal capital city is its walkways, streets and roads which will take you on a food journey that’ll cater to your curiosity of how your average Melbourne citizen lives and eats. So go ahead and explore Melbourne’s kitchens that make the healthiest of meals with the freshest of produce and then walk away the calories you gained without even an inkling of guilt.

The Good, the Bad and the ugly

When you find yourself inundated with options of where to go and what to eat your natural tendency will be to shutdown, call it a night, and settle for a meal at home out of shear frustration as to what to pick and whether you made the right choice.

The city’s eateries will surely ignite a fire within its every visitor as they boast an authentic ambiance whether it be a waterfront restaurant in Melbourne that epitomizes a true balance of beauty experienced by all of your senses. So don’t provoke the thought of retiring too early, you can always look up reviews online and evaluate where to eat, based on the opinions of others. Read this article to find out the best venue for your event or special occasion.

Most of these review sites in question have a rating system as well as a tab for visitors to leave their comments and elaborate on how good their experience was, wherever it is they dined. This will definitely help you in separating the good from the bad and enjoying a sunlit day or a starry skied night in Melbourne over a meal with the ones you love.